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hello. My name is Kailey c: This is where i blog about my day and feelings. Like a diary<3 I like to hear people opinions. And I just like to have fun, & just get out there. Follow? If not, thanks for checking it out(: Check out my other blogs while your at it<3

Well hello lovelys<3 How was your day? I hope good! Mine? PERFECT. I’ve never been so happy. So many miles away for a month, and finally, i saw him. I SAW him. He was literally there. I literally had my lips pressed against his. Finally, I got to hug my babe again<3 I missed him. I would cry everyday, wondering why cant I be in his arms. I kept wondering, and wondering, and wondering. I can’t believe I saw him today, it felt like a dream. I still feel like i was in a dream. I missed him so much. Saying goodbye today was hard, but guess what? Ill see him again today, I say today because its 1:55 AM and im writing about July 31, 2012 when its now August 1, 2012. Well hey, atleast I know my birthday is in 30 days. August 31. Im young obviously. But turning 14, im mature for my age. Im happy, in love, going to high school. Your all probably hating on me right away, ( what has tumblr come to).. But, IM HAPPY. Atleast I know I’ll see him today, and tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM at the Freshman Orientation. Gah, PERFECT. (: Well, thats it lately. Im going to bed smiling tonight. <3

sorry i havent been here writing my blogs… But there has been SO much going on that it would be hard to explain. Im not going to lie, ive been going thru a hard time… \: anyway, im in vegas now..and i promise to try and write more<3

So far its been a great 4 days ! Saw my boy 3 days in a row , my bestfriend has been spending the night for the 4th time tonight, and its just been AWESOME. I have a game tomorrow, woooah(; So haha yay. Well bored right noow.

Well, today has been a long day. Talked to him ALL day<3 Amazing(: It has been a good day. My mommy made steak & baked potato. Lol we havent had that in ages. Well I have to go to bed, freaking softball practice. I love softball, but at 7 in the morning.. On saturday? I wanna stay up, talk to my boyfriend. Have fun. I dont want to go to sleep. Come on now. This sucks. 7 in the morning to 10. GAH.

Well atleast I will MOST LIKELY see him tomorrow. He said tomorrow is going to do something, ADORABLE. He gave me two rings before. & he said, tomorrow, he wants them both. He is going to get down on one knee. Put a ring on left hand and tell me everything. He said he wants to be serious and talk about how much he loves me. :)

I have the best boyfriend ever, which is all I can say. :)

Well today was ok. I love getting texts from my boyfriend when i wake up c: So anyway, today was boring but fun. Talked to him all day<3 Was hoping he could come over tonight, but ended up not. But I asked if this weekend, and he can<3 OMG SO HAPPY. Anyway, he went to sleep already and im still up. AS USUAL. So Im talking to maddie. We did half of our faces with make up to see how much we look different. Its crazy. I posted a pic on my main blog. Well still talking to Maddie, bed time soon.

Well anyway, today was amazingly perfect. Well, besides losing both my softball games); Well today was my first double header in softball ! It was so much fun<3 After a 6 days, me and my baby haven’t seen eachother ); I missed him so much. Well I was so anxious, I didn’t play the first game at all. LOL. And then right before the first game ended, i turned around, and saw his car. I never smiled so big. I simply turned around and smiled and couldn’t wait for the game to end so I can run up and hug him. I finally saw him walk out, gosh i couldn’t stop smiling. Kept telling my friend Mac, finally he is here<3 The game ended, and right away I ran out and messed with him. He was sitting on the grass. He stood up and hugged me, gosh I held on so tight I didn’t want to let go. Looking in his eyes, and being in his arms, just made my life complete. I was called up again for the next game. So, he picked up up while hugging me, put me down, and I had to walk away. I was so happy though that my baby was just a few steps away from me<3  Anyway, finally played in the game with 2 inning in Center Field. I did pretty good, not going to lie. Then, he kept asking me when  are you up to bat? Gosh I dont know why i was so nervous. When it was my turn he was all YOU BETTER HIT IT. Then when he knew I was really nervous, he smiled that perfect smile of his, and told me. “It’s ok. Your going to do amazing. I love you. Go out there, and hit it.” I went out there, number 14. First swing I thought was a Ball but guess not. The next one, I hit it. I thought wow I didnt hit then OH FUCK I DID. I ran. Sadly, the second I got on that base, I was out. I was pissed, I almost grabbed my helmet and threw it. I grabbed it but then I chilled out. Right away everyone was saying GOOD JOB KAILEY! Then I look up at my boyfriend, and he was smiling at me. So big. He got up and walked to the gate. I said good game to the other team. We only lost by 2. Then, there he was. I grabbed my stuff. He hugged me and said, “Good job baby girl, Im so proud of you! I really am! You did amazing! You looked pissed but babe you hit that thing hard!” He hugged me, which again, was perfect. Me and him walked up to my mom, she said good job. Said by to my friend Mac, then my baby hugged me again. He leaned down and started kissing me. Fuck, I missed those lips. Touching his lips with mine is perfect. Another world, where I feel like its only me and him in the whole universe. I went home, it was hard to say bye when I dropped him off. He gave me kisses again, told me he loved me, and say bye. It was so hard to see him walk away. Hopefully, my mom lets me see him this weekend. He gave me my bracelet, it says Xavier <3 Kailey. Its really cute and sweet. & From Rocky Point! I love my boyfriend, with all my heart. He is perfect for me in every way. I love you Xavier<3

Well today was boring at first and then finally my boyfriend is back home! Im so happy. My mom, bro, and me walked to 7/11 today c: I got a monster && puppy chow (not what you think!) om nom nom. Anyway, later on kinda went down hill. Me crying ofcourse. SO much on my mind. My mom being upset, my dad being a douche bag as always and not giving 2 shits about me, and wondering everyday, “when am i going to see my boyfriend again?” I can cry right now /; Well I’m going to go to sleep. Goodnight.

Today has beeen so boring. It doesnt even feel like summer. It doesnt even feel like im in High School. Bleh. Anyway, he got another bracelet<3 Hehehe. He is sooo cuuute. Im so excited for him to come home tomorrow. Im so excited to see him. Gah, I miss him. Well today I got to Face Time with him a couple times. (: Besides that, ALL DAY ive been playing sims. I probably still will right now. :) That is what happens when you are bored.

Well today was boring as hell but it has gotten better thru the day. Finally talked to my boy and saw him on Face Time<3 He got a bracelet for me that says XAVIER&KAILEY. How sweeeet(; God I miss him. Summer so far is great, still hard to believe that im a highschooler. AHH. That shit cray(; Lol. Well anyway just chillen with my mom and her friendd. She crazaaay<3 Love her though!